Vision & Values

Since 1959, Carolinas HealthCare Foundation has steadfastly pursued a single goal: to advance health-related issues, programs and services in the Carolinas that ensure a better quality of life for others.

We have a long and distinguished record of succeeding in making that vision a reality because we continue to follow these three major missions:


To initiate fund development programs that enhance wellness, medical education and research and the healthcare delivery system.

Financial Management

To obtain and manage financial resources responsibly to meet the health-related needs of today – while ensuring the capability to respond to the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.


To seek and facilitate innovations and planning measures that may meaningfully impact the quality of available healthcare and related services in the Carolinas.

Whom We Support

Carolinas HealthCare Foundation provides significant financial support for programs and services within Carolinas HealthCare System, including institutions such as Levine Cancer Institute, Levine Children’s Hospital, the James G. Cannon Research Center and Carolinas Medical Center.

Philanthropy benefits patients from throughout the Carolinas who receive care at a Carolinas HealthCare System facility. Donations help patients who are battling conditions as diverse as cancer, Parkinson’s Disease and heart disease.

The money we raise goes directly to Carolinas HealthCare System programs and services to improve patient care. We do not make grants to outside organizations or individuals.